Ares ShrikeWhile it might not be a reality yet, BATFE’s ruling that a gun trust is not a person may have accidentally cracked the door to building civilian legal machine guns on a Form 1.

According to a The Truth About Guns article the BATFE simultaneously approved and denied a Form 1 application to make and register a new (post 1986) civilian legal machine gun. You can be sure that this is not the last we heard about this story! Read more about this at:

2014-07-25 01.05.04In more NFA news, Florida introduced a proposal that would remove a prohibition on the use of pistol and rifle suppressors, when hunting deer, gray squirrels, rabbits, wild turkeys, quail and crows. If this proposal is approved in November, Florida will be added to the other 32 states that have approved game hunting with suppressors. Interestingly, hunting all game with a shotgun suppressor is already permitted in Florida.

Hunting with suppressors is already legal in Georgia, contact Kim Firm Guns today and ask how we can help you legally acquire your suppressor for game hunting.

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