Got a Can Cannon? Well the BATFE just classified this non-gun as a SBR/AOW

Can_Cannon_Right_Hand_View_with_LogoFor the fans of the most useful of 66mm liquid vessel launchers, the Can Cannon, was recently classified as a short barreled rifle (SBR) when mounted on rifle receiver and Any Other Weapon (AOW) when mounted to a pistol receiver. Unmounted there is no specific classification as it is not considered a firearm. You can see their customer letter below…


X Products, LLC a Portland, OR company and maker of the Can Cannon is revising their design for the ATF to hopefully declassify their device as a SBR/AOW and will hopefully get back to working on what we really want… Grappling Hook… Net Launcher… Dog Trainer… Lawn Darts Launcher… Harpoon…


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