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ATF 41P Final Action Delayed Until December 2015 | Kim Firm Guns

ATF-SealAs we reported in April from the NRA Annual Meeting and as May comes to a close, the BATFE has fallen behind their May 2015 deadline to review the thousands of public comments received during the ATF 41P comment period affecting NFA Gun Trusts. Therefore the ATF has set a new deadline of December 2015 for 41P Final Action.

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Supreme Court Rules Felons May Sell, Transfer Firearms | Kim Firm Guns

520557-gavel-and-scale-of-justiceToday, the Supreme Court clarified the government’s position of possession and ownership of firearms by convicted felons. In a unanimous opinion they ruled that felons would not lose the ability to sell or transfer their firearms (as long as they were not used in a crime). This will allow felons to transfer, sell, or place their firearm collection in a NFA Gun Trust for their descendants, rather than be destroyed by the government. All firearms will remain in government control until the transfer is approved by the court and ultimately completed. Read more about the ruling at the link.


Kim Firm Guns | 3rd Annual Dixie Ammo Dump Machine Gun Shoot!


Kim Firm Guns has teamed with our friends at Dixie Ammo Dump to host our Third Annual Dixie Ammo Dump Machine Gun Shoot on May 16th at our newly improved KFG Super Secret Range. We invite you come join us for a day of fun and machine guns!

This May, our friend and special guest Craig “Sawman” Sawyer will be on the firing line. If you’re not familiar with Mr. Sawyer, he is a former DEVGRU SEAL and SEAL Sniper Instructor, History Channel “Top Shot” and Animal Planet “Battleground: Rhino Wars” star, and the instructor for our Kim Firm Guns Precision Rifle Course in February. We were truly honored to receive his invaluable instruction and are looking forward to blasting targets with him again!


We encourage you to register for your slot at this limited event by contacting The Kim Firm, LLC at 678.990.3038 or using the contact form below!