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Can the Government Seize My Guns Upon My Death?


If you live in Buffalo, NY, the answer may be yes.

While not a cheerful topic of discussion, the transition of your firearms upon your passing may create certain difficulties for your heirs. However, a properly executed NFA Gun Trust may help alleviate legal problems for your decedents.

In addition to allowing more than one person to possess and use the firearms held in a NFA Gun Trust you will also benefit from keeping your firearms in your NFA Gun Trust even after your death, avoiding the usual transfer requirements.

  • You may help the executor of your estate. The executor is the person who is responsible for gathering your assets, paying your debts, and distributing the remainder, they may not be familiar with the rules about ownership and possession of NFA firearms and other weapons.
  • You may avoid probate. Because your firearms are held by a NFA Gun Trust, they do not normally need to go through probate at your death.
  • You may avoid possible future restrictions on gun transfers due to changing legislation or the political environment.

Why is this important? As the nature of firearm ownership is constantly changing, responsible gun owners need to ensure that we, our families, and our firearms are safe.

Otherwise we can point to what is happening in NY State upon the death of responsible gun owners… read the article from NOV 2014 at the link below.