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Florida, Florida, Florida… Suppressor Hunting Granted!

Florida State Flag

Florida joins the other thirty-two hunting-with-suppressor friendly states today as the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission repealed the prohibition of using suppressors while hunting game (deer, gray squirrels, rabbits, wild turkeys, quail, and crows).

Read more here from the American Suppressor Association.


Florida Is Poised To Lift Their Ban On Suppressed Hunting

image11This week Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission are expected to lift the ban on suppressed hunting of game including deer, wild turkey, and quail. If the ban is lifted then Florida will join Georgia and the other 31 states that allow hunting with a suppressor. More information at the link.


KFG Donates Georgia NFA Gun Trust Services to SOC-F

Kim Firm Guns will attend the SOC-F Patriot Lunch this Friday, 14 NOV at Uber Group HQ in downtown Atlanta. The SOC-F, as taken from their webpage is The Special Operations Care Fund (SOCF) [and] is a 501(c)3 non-profit, 100% volunteer, charitable organization that strives to generate funds for the families of wounded or killed Special Operations Forces (SOF). Via our events, we will connect generous people with the SOF community.

SOC-F Patriots Lunch

In other words, these are really good guys looking after great guys who look after us. Their SOC-F Patriot Lunch will have a raffle/auction that benefits SOF. Tickets to the event are still available and can be purchased here.

Kim Firm Guns is proud to donate our Georgia Compliant NFA Gun Trust to SOC-F to be auctioned off for the benefit of the SOF community.

For example only

For example only

We encourage all of our friends to purchase tickets and join us and other fine professionals this Friday at the SOC-F Patriot Lunch.


KFG Supports Alfa Knife in Dawsonville, GA!


Damon Lusky from Alfa Knife in Dawsonville, GA makes some very impressive blades that offer a practical design combined with no-nonsense usability. Damon is holding a raffle for one of his awesome creations through December 13th. See the specs in the poster above and check out his knife in action at the link


Hollis v. Holder, Machine gun, Lawsuit…

2014-10-27 23.57.17

This is not the machine gun, but it sure is pretty.

We spoke about the small possibility of a new civilian legal machine (post 1986) in SEPT when the ATF ruled no person can legally register a new machine gun. Earlier this year the ATF ruled Gun Trusts are not considered people…

Well it looks like legal action (Hollis v. Holder) has been filed to fight the ATF’s denial of a new registered machine gun by a Gun Trust. You can read more about this action here at this link.