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The Kim Firm Guns Race Team Is Kicking Serious A

Kim Firm Guns likes everything awesome, here’s an in-the-field update from our high-speed Kim Firm Guns sponsored race team, Team STR.

teamstr2Team STR’s driver, Cody Hardy will be awarded Super Heavy EL Champion and Super Heavy HT-3 Runner Up in the Maxxis Mid-Atlantic South Karting Series. (Approximately 600 drivers fighting to win in 20 classes)

“Three series championships is an awesome feat, most of these guys would kill for one in a career.”

Cody will also be awarded Super Heavy EL Champ and Super Heavy HT-3 Champ in the DynoCams Tri-State West Pro Series. (Approx 500 in 20 classes) Three series championships is an awesome feat, most of these guys would kill for one in a career.

Cody has:
20 wins
4 2nd’s
7 Top 5’s
10 Top 10’s

Cody has a big lead in this summer’s Dawgwood Speedway points championship in Super Heavy and is in 4th in the Heavy points race. He has two more weekends of races in that series.

We are scheduled to run three big race weekends before the year ends. If all goes well we may add Myrtle Beach Dec. 27, 28, 29 also!

Kim Firm Guns wishes Cody Hardy and Team STR continued success!

20140915_095349Kim Firm Guns and The Kim Firm, LLC is a proud sponsor of the Second Annual MPD Golf Invitational. The Milton Police Department will hold its 2014 golf invitational today, Monday, Sept. 15 at 9 a.m. at Atlanta National Golf Club in Milton, GA. Proceeds from the event will go to officer and community training and financial support to officers and families in crisis.

Kim Firm Guns supports the fine officers of the Milton PD!

Ares ShrikeWhile it might not be a reality yet, BATFE’s ruling that a gun trust is not a person may have accidentally cracked the door to building civilian legal machine guns on a Form 1.

According to a The Truth About Guns article the BATFE simultaneously approved and denied a Form 1 application to make and register a new (post 1986) civilian legal machine gun. You can be sure that this is not the last we heard about this story! Read more about this at:

2014-07-25 01.05.04In more NFA news, Florida introduced a proposal that would remove a prohibition on the use of pistol and rifle suppressors, when hunting deer, gray squirrels, rabbits, wild turkeys, quail and crows. If this proposal is approved in November, Florida will be added to the other 32 states that have approved game hunting with suppressors. Interestingly, hunting all game with a shotgun suppressor is already permitted in Florida.

Hunting with suppressors is already legal in Georgia, contact Kim Firm Guns today and ask how we can help you legally acquire your suppressor for game hunting.

10250084_760882377305253_8696566312194494932_nKim Firm Guns is proud to support TEAM STR / Secoa Technology and Cody Hardy, a driver in the National Karting League. Some of the best NASCAR and F1 drivers got their start in kart so we’re proud to support this effort!

TEAM STR driver Cody Hardy recently landed in the #2 spot for Semi-Pro, at the 2ND ANNUAL RAY COOK’S TARHEEL NATIONAL’S, a very impressive feat considering his throttle cable malfunctioned in his final race in Brasstown, NC!


Here’s an excerpt from TEAM STR’s update from race day.

Team STR had a great Saturday at Ray Cook’s Tarheel Nationals in steamy Brasstown, NC. The Tim Fishel Motorsports powered Myers Flooring/Kim Firm sponsored kart garnered one pole, two wins and a third. Cody Hardy took one win from ninth starting position and the third came via a one handed run due to a broken throttle cable.

Click here to see Team STR driver Cody Hardy’s current power rankings as we move into the final races of the season. Everyone at Kim Firm Guns extends the best of luck and happy hunting to Team STR and Cody Hardy!