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ATF-SealAn update straight from the BATFE today regarding eForms Form 5 and Form 9.

ATF is pleased to announce the return of the following eForms to active service:  ATF Form 5 on 8/27/2014, ATF Form 9 on 9/2/2014, and ATF Form 5300.11 (AFMER) on 9/5/2014.

Please note that at this time no date has been determined for the return of the ATF Forms 3 and Form 4 to service on the current platform.  In the interim, ATF has devoted additional resources to paper forms processing within the NFA Branch to augment the volume of receipts and current pending applications.

Kim Firm Client Spotlight – Craig Sawyer of Tactical Insider


Jin H. Kim, Esq. of The Kim Firm, LLC & Craig Sawyer founder of Tactical Insider

Mr. Craig Sawyer, former Navy SEAL, History Channel TOP SHOT star, founder of Tactical Insider, and Kim Firm client lives the life of the modern-day warrior. He was recently interviewed by U.S. Patriot Tactical about how Mr. Sawyer storied career began as well as his unique way for combating the poaching of Rhinos in Africa. For insight into this true American warrior, we invite you to read his interview at the link.

-Kim Firm Guns