Kim Firm Guns received ATF Form 1 Approval in ONE day?!

KFG Approved Form 1.pdfWe held off publishing this post for a few days since we were not quite sure how to report “it.” So we’ll start from the end in order to explain.

The Kim Firm, LLC submitted and received an approved ATF Form 1 on the same day…

ATF Form 1 approval in one day! Notice the submission date and approval date are the same in the photo (Dec 2, 2014).

Before you get excited, our client did wait the standard ATF processing time, in this instance a relatively quick five weeks, before the ultimate ATF approval.

But didn’t I just say it was a same day submission/approval? So how can this be?

The original ATF Form 1 was electronically submitted in October and returned in DISAPPROVED status on December 1. The Kim Firm reviewed the ATF Form 1 and determined that there was no reason for the Disapproval. The Kim Firm contacted the ATF and the ultimate outcome was a new ATF Form 1 was prepared, re-submitted and APPROVED the same day.

Due to attorney-client privilege exact details of how we achieved a single-day approval cannot not be shared. However this example simply highlights major advantages of hiring a qualified attorney who interacts with the ATF in the course of its regular practice to draft the NFA Gun Trust. In this instance, it saved the client from waiting for the ATF to process another ATF Form 1.

Kim Firm Guns strongly encourages anyone wanting an NFA Gun Trust to research and seek out a qualified attorney so that they may act as your advocate. In this instance The Kim Firm, LLC, experienced in NFA and ATF procedures, turned a potential ten-week or longer problem into a one hour solution.


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